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It was more clear how products are produced

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  I wish...  It was more clear how products are produced
   This wish was made by saskia from The Netherlands, on 11-03-2013, 12:15
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How to know what to buy if you want to make a sustainable choice. More and more we learn about polluting ingredients in products. When I buy a product, even when it is supposed to be 'green' or sustainable, it still has poluting ingredients. It seems like everything is poluting one way or another and there are so many 'sustainable logo's like 'bio' that I do not know what to buy anymore. I wish there was a way I could simply check before purchasing whether a product is 'good' and safe to buy or not, independent of price or logo. And if a product has poluting elements or if its production is causing any environmental/human problems, that better alternatives are suggested.

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