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No bladder problems following prostate surgery

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  I wish...  No bladder problems following prostate surgery
   This wish was made by schoenmaker from The Netherlands, on 17-05-2010, 15:24
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A friend of mine recently has had a prostate surgery. After surgery on your prostate a catheter will be left in place for a while. A catheter is a thin flexible tube which is passed through the urethra and into your bladder, where it is kept in place by a small balloon at its tip inflated with water. Its job is to drain urine into a collection bag, normally worn on the leg, in order to keep your bladder empty. This catheter had to stay on for several weeks which was really uncomfortable. But the worst this is, that after this catheter was removed it took months before his bladder returned to normal. All this time he had to use some kind of diaper making him feel like he really lost it. Although it is getting better over time he still suffers some kind of incontinence after his surgery. We do not really speak about it, but I know he hates it. I wish bladder problems could be completely avoided.

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