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Nokia hired some clever people

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  I wish...  Nokia hired some clever people
   This wish was made by dirkfaam from The Netherlands, on 16-05-2008, 18:24
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instead of all the ****heads they have now. And maybe some polite people to.
First of all it's impossible to get in contact with these guys (you can - if you managed to find an emailadres, wich is really hard- send them a mail, but they will not answer), so no matter how angry you are, they will do nothing to help you.
They need smart people so they can make good products, something that's impossible right now. I shall not bore you with all the crap I have been trough, but two things I'd like to tell you.
A few weeks ago there was an update for my N73, so I connected the phone to my PC and in two minutes it was completely dead. Nothing worked any longer.
I had to send it to some factory. Grrrrr!!!! (and excuses? Haha! no way)
The other thing that really pisses me of is that they changed the voice-dialing. With my old phone I could say the names from my contacts my self and the phone recorded that and later on compaired what I was saying with what was in memory. Now it's impossible to say the names yourself. Some computervoice with a Finnish(?) accent tries to read the names I have wrote in my phonebook. Ridiculous! When I try to dial a number by using voice-dial, the phone says something like "kinitikevanden" and that means: "geen item gevonden" (no item found). I used to use it with my handsfree set in my car, but now it's no longer possible.
If it didn't make me angry I would laugh about so much clumsyness.
And I don't have to tell you that my next phone will NOT be a Nokia.

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