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Supermarkets to better service elderly people

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  I wish...  Supermarkets to better service elderly people
   This wish was made by flatcat from The Netherlands, on 02-04-2008, 19:04
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I wish there was a supermarket-cart incorporating a small fold-out ladder with sturdy handle to hang on to, so my tiny 93year-old Mum could see and reach further up than the bottom and first shelves in supermarkets. She used to like shoping but the older and smaller she gets, the more limited her possibilities...
She's sound of body and mind, so always having to ask for help from perfect strangers annoys her.
And whilst we're at it: a maginfying glass to read the dates and tiny instructions print would also do nicely.
Or maybe supermarkets could institute a personal shopper equipped with ladder and magnifying glass to accompany 80+ around the store???

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