How do I know whether someone has responded to my wish?
When submitting a wish, you can indicate whether you would like to receive notification by e-mail when a response to your wish has been placed.

Can I comment on a wish from someone else?
Yes. Simply click on the wish and post your response. Your comments will be saved under the original wish.

Can I add a picture or video?
Yes, please do. Pictures that visualize your problem or wish are very welcome. Simply click on "add photo" and browse for the photo you want to submit. You can also add a video by submitting a link to YouTube.

How can I see all wishes in the database?
Go to: 'find a wish', select 'any category' and klick on 'search'. You will now see the complete overview of all wishes in the database.

What happens to my personal data?
Your personal data will not be shared with others unless you explicitly request this by checking the relevant tick box when submitting your wish.

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